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Im not a Twilight fan. Its gay (not in the sexual preference way). Its suck ass. (Not in the gay way.) If I had a vampire bf we would do sick shit AND I wouldnt wait till we was married. (We’d do it to married people hell ya) Again, kinda gay. (Bad gay not good gay.) But Iv been waiting for the new Spidey movie for like 2 years. K. So i go see it. (I know I know but Iv been busty with my own secret identity) WTF?? Was this a made for TV movie? Or a Disney ride? Then it hit me! They made Spider man all Twilight!

I guess after the Avengers I had high expectations but WTF! Stupid story- The Lizard has a lizard gas and wants to turns everyone into a lizard? What a 2 cent plot. Spider man has lights on his wrists every time he shoot a web? Oh how convenient for the toys they can sell at Walmart. And what was that bit about lining up the cranes so Spider man could get across town faster? Take a cab! (Unless its a lizard driver) And Spider man gets shot in the leg? This movie was shot in the leg LAME.

Only bitch grace was Emma Stone. Im gay for her and those thigh highs. And even the rest of the actors were ok. (Dennis Leary can watch me and Emma, we’d call him daddy).

The Spiderman movie I imagine.^_^












Fuckin Disney!

Now I have to wait to bate until Batman Rises. ^-^

Me NOT happy


Me getting ready for Spiderman Rebitch





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TheJus__ says:

I personally enjoyed the spiderman movie. I was upset because of what they did with the Lizard BUT the guy did a good job as Parker and they nailed the peter personality being a smart ass and stuff. So despite the Lizard being able to control himself (when that doesnt happen til way later in the series, and when it does happen he can control it because they awoke the doc connors part of his brain) oh and the fact he met Doc as his college professor not because he knew peters dad. But alas, they messed up lizard but the movie itself I still enjoyed BUT Im a huge mark for Spidey so maybe thats why I was satisfied.

HOWEVER BATMAN IS BADASS. Got to it opening night. Oh and Catie, I need to link you to a particular thing on amazon again to add to your wishlist so I may purchase it for you πŸ™‚

Catie Catie says:

I didnt hate it I guess. But it was pretty weak. I thought it was suppose to be more like the comic and it wanst any closer than the first movie was (they just changed other stuff) which now looks even better in comparison. AND spidey’s head looked like a basket ball.
GOING to SEE BATMAN tomorrow. (I hope in the next sequel Batman drops that guy in Colorado off a building) Email me at [email protected]

TheJus__ says:

I sent the link to your facebook inbox, and waiting for your ass to come on cam again :lac

Dusty (Your Stalker) says:

True dat! But I sill like The Avengers but yeah I agree on the rest! FUCK DISNEY!!!! Also The Dark Knight Rises cant Wait!!!!!

Catie Catie says:

Avengers was awesome. Saw it 3x. Spoiled me.

Dusty (Your Stalker) says:

IKR!! I cant wait to get the 2 disk extended version of it on DVD!

Catie Catie says:

OMG Meow too! I should add it to my wishlist πŸ˜‰

Dusty (Your Stalker) says:

I should buy one for you then lol πŸ˜‰

Catie Catie says:

Should I added it to my wishlist πŸ˜€

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