Day Job – Casual Minx

Somedays it’s all about being casual Minx ^_^

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Wesley Adrian says:


Lo key says:

Simply awasome catie:)
is there any special for this new year??like 2014:)

Geoff says:

Nothing wrong w/you going casual, you’re more relaxed when you play w/yourself 🙂

jason says:

hi my sweetie kitten. i have two questions :
first are you going to college and what is your field? and How the cost of your
university provides?
second what is the reaction of your classmates , are they know you?

love you so much
your lover «jason»

Mickey says:

Too bad your twitter was stripped so I’ll affix this wcw onto here. Furthermore, I was thinking of sending out holiday cards to a few lucky folk BUT (wagging index finger), wouldn’t we all like to know your address. Good day.

Catie Catie says:

twitter is still up @catieminx ^_^

Mickey says:

I saw that it was a “Fan account,” but if otherwise, like the line from Jurassic Park, “Clever girl.”
Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year 😉

Troy says:

SIMPLY STUNNING!!!!!! enjoy your week kitten. Lust and Friendship

Maurice says:

You look beautiful any day of the week, love your sexy belly button. 🙂

Catie Catie says:

Thanks Maurice xxo

Eric says:

I was wondering, is your photographer a paid photographer or a boyfriend/girlfriend/friend because most of the photos on this website are pro-level shots. Also, you are absolutely gorgeous and a great model!! XOXO

Catie Catie says:

My photographer is a pro/paid photographer

cristhiam says:

Clearly, if I enjoy catie nice tits and a perfect ass incredibly They drive me crazy

Very sexy and breathing taking plus beautiful!

Lovely, simply lovely here, you have done a good job here!!!!

You have a very bright and pretty set up here!!; I think it is pretty cool and very nice!!!! Wish I could come each night and look at the lovely sites and people every night and just take it in and move around and just look at the beautiful setting you have here!!!!

Troy G. says:

SO SEXY!!!! take care and enjoy your week kitten. Lust and Friendship

Paul says:

Hello Beautiful Kitty,

Thanks for sharing your Awesome Body once again… I would luv to give you a full body message and I mean from head to toe plus every micro-inch in between… Enjoy our day Sexy…


Catie Catie says:

xxo Thanks Paul ^_<

dan says:

Hi catie I just wanted to say I love seeing your beautiful smile it’s makes happy me

Catie Catie says:

Kisses! Thanks Dan ^_^

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