Catie Minx : Pokemon. Go Catie!

I was just playing ‪Pokemon Go and I caught a Catie Minx!


Check out Catie’s self shot Pokemon Go inspired video now @

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.58.57 PM


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Jack says:

So when will we see you in that sexy harley quinn costume from suicide squad?

dante says:

Hi sexy Catie. 🙂 What’s up with you nowadays, you just disappeared from this website and I miss you. :/ Anyways, I got a question in my mind, I thought “Ask Catie about it, cause why not”, so I’m here. Did you ever have gruppen with at least 2 guys? Or, if more than 2 than how many? 😀 Can you tell some information about this (where, how, you enjoyed it or not), thing like that? Thank you and love Catie. 🙂

Wesley Adrian says:

You are so fucking Hot, Catie!

Wesley Adrian says:

very beatiful!

Carlton says:

I have to say that is the sexiest pikachu cosplay I have ever seen. Been a fan for years and love your work 🙂 can’t help but melt when I watch your videos. Keep it up Catie the model 😉
P.s. if you replied back it would mean the world

Troy G says:

HOTT as ALWAYS!!!! ENJOY your week kitten!!!! Lust and Friendship

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