Art Nudes of Catie Minx

Miss Minx will be FEATURE MODEL on   OPENS  February 15, 2016  


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theEarth theHeart theArt says:

Sitting in a lost dream between ambition and apathy, thought of you so much more than you could ever me, sweet little nothing’s called poetry seem all I can provide, writing all my wrongs on napkin bits to clear my mind, ohh so many problems, daily they occur, in coming out to this world, seemingly a curse, should I run to monasteries to clean me of desire, I’m cast upon your life’s alter, in you I am inspired.

Hey lady, I know there are many teirs which set you apart from me, however it has always been nice to just write on your wall, I know talking to walls never helped one to go beyond the wall itself, but writing on them is a good practice. I have nothing and no one at this point, gave all for a failed shot at love. I gave up everything only to invite rejection.As a writer I am complete, and inspiration I have found in you over the last year or so is mostly on the surface, shallow. I don’t know you, and couldn’t expect to, but I have always felt you masturbate beautifully, that you enjoy expressing yourself on camera. You have a great air of confidence in your work. I appreciate the service you do for men, it’s sexy and shows that you enjoy pleasing yourself shamelessly. When I masturbate to you, I feel sexy and confident too.
Thank you for your work, and how you’ve helped me in my sexuality and sexual self expression. Yours truly, B.

theEarth theHeart theArt says:

Between Wu-tang and Chris Palko, poolside freestyle.

Anonymous says:

if you dont respond ill be sad :c

Carbaro88 says:

Hey catie have u ever thou about a music video and if u did how much would u charge

Joe says:

Hello, I liked your stuff. Do you have anything new coming out soon?
single dude

Catie Catie says:

Hi Singe Dude!

Check Catie out on her new partner site where new photos and videos will be hosted!

Fabián says:

ni catie i love you pussy

CatieMyLove says:

You’re so amazing Catie!
I really never seen a beatiful girl like you
You’re the only, the best ❤❤

Theearth theheart theart says:

I sit outside the coffee shop on a table top, staring down empty avenues of downtown San Diego. It’s like I’ve reached the end of the world, and the open hands of death are slipping around me, it’s fingers creeping into me. I am choking on this life, so little room to breathe, even far from the smog filled sky lines of Los Angeles, the ocean crashes on abandoned beaches that are hallowed by hollow tourists. It it the bikini bottom body types blotting out the sun that give this feeling of undoing, is it the abandonment of family and friends for which my life’s become so familiar? What have I become? What lies ahead of me when the sky falls from its hinges and the world forgets the time of day. When will it all be clear to me, whether I’m drowning or its just tears from my face.

Theearth theheart theart says:

Came out to my parents recently and they kicked me out of the house. Luckily I met some great people in San Diego who got me off the street. I was passing through LA’s skid row after losing my place in N. Cal. I was writing a woman in SD for a year. It didn’t go anywhere, me coming down on her birthday, and my parents told me never to come back. Shitty thing is I can hardly write a poem these days, so it’s back to you for inspiration.

Jay says:

Will there ever be a fleshlight of you?

Fabián says:

you’re the number one girl

Geoff says:

Thats awesome & well deserved.

Wesley Adrian says:


Kevin says:

Can I contact you on valentine’s day?

Emmanuel says:

Your nipples are very attractive. You make me speechless

Emmanuel says:

Am sure you are going to stand out8YDG8

Mark .E says:

Congratulations Catie on being in “This Years Model” well done sweetheart..I love you darling, have a very happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Felipe says:

Hi Catie !! ^^ You’re the best actress there !! ^ _ ^ Is beautiful ^^ Happy Valentines day for you !! ^^

Joshua says:

Father God I just wanna lift up Catie Mind Lord God! This website causes many men to stumble and lust! She is the most beautiful creation I have ever seen and I would hate to see her soul perish!! You are truely loved!!! Jesus loves you

Phillip Troutman(Philthy Phil) says:

Hi you sexy little minx!Xx I wanted to ask you to be my Valentine?Xx
So be mine Valentine?Xx I hope you have a good one this year with someone special to you!Xx Take care!Xx Your Fan Philthy Phil!Xx


you will the best catie catie 😉 yeah

Catie Catie says:

Thanks ^_^


anything beautiful 😉

Fabián says:

you ‘ll be queen un thisyearsmodel you’re TVE number one girl 😉

Troy says:

CONGRATS Kitten!!!! WELL DESERVED!!!! be safe and have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!! Lust and Friendship

Catie Catie says:

Thank-you! Happy Valentines day to you too xxox



michael says:

hi catie
A friend recommended to see your blog you’re a real beauty

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